The peak age of rising in careers is 30-40 years. During this time family commitments, pregnancy and childbirth are the important aspects which also have to be catered to.
Initial years of career progression are the times when there is a struggle. Sometimes finding the right interest and getting the hang of the trade takes time. By 35-37 years of age, the job profile is relatively steady, and the vision ahead is clearer.

On the other hand, there are women with luminary personalities having a star presence for whom pregnancy at the right time can be detrimental to their careers, and hence there is a need for delay in pregnancy.

The third category of women is those who wish to have their own offspring but have yet not found a compatible partner. It’s not easy finding a perfect match!

For a woman, her egg reserve is a limited pool which diminishes as the age increases. After the age of 36, the number and quality of eggs reduce faster. The chances of conception even with fertility treatment is then a challenge. The success of IVF depends on good quality embryos and an important determinant is the eggs of the female partner.

A tool that is now available to enable women to preserve fertility and have the liberty to choose when she wishes to nurture motherhood is to freeze eggs at a younger age, for use later to achieve pregnancy when suitable. Egg freezing is a boon that will help women to preserve their fertility and enjoy motherhood once life settles down. This process consists of taking hormonal medications for stimulating the ovary to help the development of multiple eggs (oocytes). These are then collected under short general anesthesia, by needle aspiration through the vagina. The eggs are processed and then stored in liquid nitrogen below -170 o C. They will remain safely frozen if adequate conditions are maintained. Later when one is desirous of pregnancy they can be thawed and fertilized with partner’s sperm and the resulting embryo can be transferred into the woman’s womb. By using younger and better-quality eggs, not only the chances of pregnancy improve but also the risk of abnormalities in the child will be significantly low.

As much as it is important to let everyone thrive and perform to their highest potential, family and procreation are important aspects of the life of a woman. Egg freezing is a boon and an available tool in the armamentarium of a female to achieve her desires.