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How long does IVF treatment take and how many times should I visit the clinic from start to finish?

A complete IVF treatment plan can occur within 28 days for a Fresh Transfer Cycle. For a Frozen Transfer Cycle, the treatment plan can be done over 2-3 months. For either of these treatment plans, the steps are the same.
  • Initial Consultation including ultrasound scans, Semen analysis, blood tests which provide the diagnosis, counselling and creating a treatment plan: One visit to the clinic.
  • Ovarian stimulation (taking medication) occurs over ten days and involves 3 visits to the Clinic including blood tests.
  • Egg Retrieval or OPU is done in the Operation Theater.The Procedure is 30 Minutes, and you are discharged in 2-3 hours.
  • Embryo transfer. Done in Operation Theatre, 15-20 Minutes, discharge in 2 Hours.
  • Genetic Tests if any are done on the Embryo and do not involve any additional visits to the clinic.
  • In Frozen Embryo Cycles, the embryos are cryopreserved and transferred in the optimal window of implantation after 1- 2 two months. The endometrium is better prepared, and this improves the chances of a successful pregnancy.
  • Pregnancy Test (blood tests, Ultrasound Sound) 1 visit after 2-3 weeks of Embryo Transfer.
  • In Summary, for typical IVF treatment plans, there are 6 to 7 visits to an IVF Clinic, from Start to Finish.