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I have been to my Gynecologist and several specialists, but they are unable to tell me why I cannot get pregnant. What can be causing my infertility?

Diagnosing & treating Infertility disorders is best handled by well-trained & experienced IVF Specialists: Doctors & Embryologists. You should check the credentials of the Doctor and the clinic before starting your treatment. If a Doctor is unable to explain the reasons for your inability to conceive, it is possible you will not be offered the right treatment plan.

In Nature, 15 to 20% of the population is Infertile. Uterine Factors like Endometriosis, Adenomyosis,- Tubal factor, Ovulation disorders, Inherited Chromosomal & Genetic conditions, Low ovarian reserve, Azoospermia, and low Sperm count are common contributing factors. Lifestyles choices like delayed pregnancy attempts (females 35 and higher), excessive Alcohol, Drugs, Stress and Pollution can also be effect your chances of becoming pregnant.

Most of these conditions can be successfully treated. The Key lies in finding IVF Specialists who are trained and experienced. AT ART. All our Drs/Embryologists have international training in leading medical institutes. In addition, all of the Drs have a good understanding of Genetic issues that can lead to infertility.