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Is bed rest recommended after the embryo transfer?

There is no scientific evidence to recommend bed rest after embryo transfer. A very recent meta-analysis just published in 2022 (1), including more than 20,000 patients has demonstrated that the chances to have a baby were higher in women that did not have bed rest after transferring the embryo to the uterus. Actually, this is similar to what happens in nature, the embryo floats freely in the endometrial cavity of the uterus for a few days before implantation and the woman performs a normal physical activity, as she doesn’t know yet that she is pregnant. At ART, we recommend a normal lifestyle including walking and moving around. (1) Rodriguez-Purata J, Mendieta MA, Gomez-Cuesta MJ, Cervantes-Bravo E. Live Birth Rate Following Bed Rest Versus Early Mobilization After Embryo Transfer: A Systematic Review And Meta-Analysis. JBRA Assist Reprod. 2022 Aug 4;26(3):547-553. doi: 10.5935/1518-0557.20220003. PMID: 35621274; PMCID: PMC9355435.