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What are the factors which might Negatively impact a successful Pregnancy in IVF Treatment?

Selecting an IVF Clinic, its medical team, and its underlying infrastructure has a major impact on your treatment outcomes. It is extremely important to select a good IVF Clinic with experienced IVF specialist Doctors and Embryologists. The Clinic should have a good embryology lab with the latest equipment for fertilizing and incubating the embryos. Having a Generic IVF treatment plan can negatively affect your chances of pregnancy. At ART, we offer a personalized treatment plan. Egg quality has a very significant impact on the success of your IVF treatment. Egg quality declines with advanced maternal age. Patients with premature ovarian failure often require more attempts to produce a healthy egg and to have a healthy child. It is important that you seek treatment as early as possible, especially in cases where preexisting conditions are detected (Genetic abnormalities, medical conditions like endometriosis, low ovarian reserve) Adverse Lifestyles include the use of drugs, excessive alcohol intake, lack of sun exposure leading to Vitamin D deficiency, and obesity can all impact the chances of becoming pregnant. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, healthy BMI and focus on mental and physical health and wellness will significantly enhance the chances of your IVF treatment.