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Why is IVF so expensive …. why is there so much difference in pricing between clinics?

All clinics are not the same in terms of infrastructure, training, and qualifications of the medical staff (doctors, embryologists, counselors). All of these elements contribute to your chances of getting pregnant and delivering a healthy child. Employing well-trained staff, and providing leading-edge technology has associated costs. “Price Shopping” will rarely lead you to the optimal clinic that can best suit your needs. Treatment plans should be priced upon the complexity and medical procedures that your medical condition warrants. Clinics offering headline-grabbing prices cannot be expected to offer services and often hidden charges will appear. At ART, IVF prices excluding medications are in the range of Rs 1.2 Lacs to Rs 2.5 Lacs depending upon whether Genetic Testing and or male infertility-related procedures are required.