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Genomics refers to the study of genes and their functions and related techniques. Genomics technologies play an important role in assisted reproduction. Its impact is becoming increasingly significant over time with more accurate patient diagnoses, personalized fertility treatments with faster time to pregnancy and reduced complication risks, and financial savings achieved.

Genetic tests are carried out to achieve three important purposes in reproductive medicine:

  • the identification of the infertility causes
  • identification of genetic diseases to children
  • optimization of the assisted reproductive technology

Pre-implantation genetic testing helps couples at risk of having a child with a serious, heritable disease, following previously affected pregnancies or a family history of genetic or chromosomal disorders. They can conceive a healthy baby through the analysis of the genetic material sampled from their embryos following IVF.
Targeted disease-specific testing may be performed to prevent a known hereditary or familial disorder. Chromosome screening can help improve the efficiency of IVF treatment by selecting the embryos with a greater chance to implant and a lower risk to miscarry.

ART Fertility Clinics has established their genomics laboratory with the latest technologies to perform diagnostic testing and support ongoing research efforts. The genomics team is led by Dr. Araz Raberi, who specialized in reproductive and pre-implantation genetics.

ART Fertility Clinics strives to maintain the accuracy of the test results and manage rapidly evolving changes in laboratory medicine and technology by following the recommendations and guidelines of the international societies for pre-implantation genetic testing, reproductive medicine, and embryology, supporting patient care and safety.

Genetic Disorders

Genetic disorder refers to a condition that occurs due to alteration or mutation in gene(s). A gene mutation gets inherited from one or both the parents. Learn More
Genetic Disorders

Genetic Tests

Genetic testing provides allows doctors to make more accurate patient diagnosis and personalize the fertility treatment to help improve the chances of achieving pregnancy while limiting the risks of complications. Genetic test results can confirm or rule out a suspected genetic condition. Learn More
Genetic Tests

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Dr. Souraya speaks on the role of genetics in infertility.

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