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International Patients

For international patients, ART Fertility clinics offers the most advanced and comprehensive clinics and services matching the global standards. In short, we offer affordable, world-class infertility treatments to couples from all over the world.

ART Fertility Clinics has a dedicated International Patient Service Center that facilitates international patients. Upon arrival, an International Patient Relation Officer is assigned to the patient throughout his/her stay. Our extensive understanding and appreciation of the diverse needs of international patients enable us to offer them a comprehensive range of infertility treatments. We also aim to fulfill all their medical, personal, and logistical needs, by greeting them when they land until their successful discharge and departure. 
The International Patient Services team ensures that at the time of discharge you receive the right information and education, including translated materials and consolidated bills. The team will also discuss and plan your follow-up visits and future treatment needs in your home country.

  1. Visa assistance
  2. Flight arrangements and extensions
  3. Airport transfer service
  4. Scheduling of all medical appointments
  5. Coordination of the admission process
  6. Cost estimates for anticipated treatment
  7. Processing of medical opinions
  8. Booking of hotels/service apartments
  9. Providing language translators
  10. Special dietary needs/religious arrangements
  11. Remote consultations/conference calls with doctors
  12. Local sightseeing
  13. Foreign exchange



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