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Fetal Medicine

Fetal Medicine

ART Fetal Clinic, Abu Dhabi provides comprehensive care and management plan for pregnant women with low as well as high-risk pregnancies.Prenatal care of an unborn baby along with the care of the mother through prenatal screening and diagnosis s one of the most rapidly advancing fields in medicine. Our holistic patient care team consists of leading specialists who offer the best possible care this field has to offer. Our mission is to act fast while diagnosing the problem evaluating the best treatment options, and devising the best management plan for both the mother and the fetus’s well as maintaining close communication with the referring OB/GYN or family physician about the progress of the pregnancy.



Prenatal Screening, Counseling and Ultrasound Scans

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Singleton Pregnancy Scans

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Conditions Screened

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Procedural Scans


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