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Day 5 vs day 6 single euploid blastocyst frozen embryo transfers: which variables do have an impact on the clinical pregnancy rates?

Accepted: October 21, 2021
By : Prof. Dr. Human Fatemi, Prof. Dr. Barbara Lawrenz PhD, Dr. Laura Melado Vidales, Dr. Carol Coughlan, Leyla Depret Bixio Ana Arnanz Ibrahim Elkhatib Neelke De Munck

Objective: To determine which variables affect most the clinical pregnancy rate with positive fetal heartbeat (CPR FHB+) when frozen embryo transfer (FET) cycles are performed with day 5 (D5) or day 6 (D6) euploid blastocysts. Design and method A single center retrospective study was performed from March 2017 till February 2021 including all single FET cycles with euploid D5 or D6 blastocysts and transferred in natural cycles (NC) or hormone replacement therapy (HRT) cycles. Trophectoderm (TE) and inner cell mass (ICM) qualities were recorded before biopsy.

Results: A total of 1102 FET cycles were included, 678 with D5 and 424 with D6 blastocysts. Pregnancy rate (PR), clinical PR (CPR), and CPR FHB+ were significantly higher with D5 blastocysts (PR: 70.7% vs 62.0%, OR = 0.68 [0.53-0.89], p = 0.004; CPR: 63.7% vs 54.2%, OR = 0.68 [0.52-0.96], p = 0.002 and CPR FHB+: 57.8% vs 49.8%, OR = 0.72 [0.53-0.96], p = 0.011). However, miscarriage rate (12.5% vs 11.4%, OR = 0.78 [0.48-1.26], p = 0.311) did not differ. From a multivariate logistic regression model, endometrial thickness (OR = 1.11 [1.01-1.22], p = 0.028), patient’s age (OR = 1.03 [1.00-1.05], p = 0.021), BMI (OR = 0.97 [0.94-0.99], p = 0.023), and ICM grade C (OR = 0.23 [0.13-0.43], p < 0.001) were significant in predicting CPR FHB+.

Conclusion: Although clinical outcomes are higher with D5 blastocysts, CPR FHB+ is more affected by endometrial thickness, patient age, BMI, and ICM grade C rather than biopsy day or endometrial preparation protocol.

Keywords: Day 5; Day 6; Embryo quality; Endometrial preparation; Frozen-embryo transfer; PGT-A.