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Ivelina and John

My name is Mariana and I have arrived all 3.49kg and 50cm tall in July 2021. I have a great birth story. I was no problem for Mum. I was born in the water and had a little swim before Dad grabbed me and brought me to the surface. I am now at home with Mum and Dad. I think they like me around - in fact I think they are pretty chuffed :-) I know that my journey to this world started more than 9 months ago and you all played a huge part in making it happen for me, Mum and Dad for which we will always be so deeply grateful.I am the lucky 4BB, day 6 blastocyst, transferred in Nov 2020 by Dr. Laura. Mum told me it was a great sunny day and all staff at the clinic were extremely nice. Dr. Laura and the nurse held my Mum’s hand and gave me and Mum all their positive thoughts, wishes and vibes. Mum and Dad told me all about Prof. Fatemi, Dr. Barbara, Dr. Laura, Dr. Carol, Dr. Rachel, the embryologists and all the nurses and administrative staff at the clinic who were simply wonderful to us! I also know about Dr. Desi and the lovely staff at the Fetal clinic who supported Mum and Dad throughout our 9-month pregnancy journey and cared so much for my and Mum’s wellbeing. Thank you for making my journey so cruisy and for everything you did for us so I could arrive safely. Apparently, they say I am pretty healthy and tick all the boxes. Mum and Dad had only great experiences with you all and consider themselves lucky to have been supported by such professional and thoughtful personnel at ART Clinics.