Understanding IVF Stimulation

The chances of success of the IVF procedure increase if more than one egg can be retrieved from a woman. Only a single egg is usually released per ovulation cycle. To retrieve more eggs, IVF stimulation is done. This increases the chances of the development of a viable embryo. This will then increase the chance of a pregnancy. To stimulate ovulation and get more eggs to mature and be released simultaneously, you will be given hormones or medication. Given all these, you must know the dos and don’ts during IVF stimulation is important.

Dos During IVF Stimulation

The following are the important dos during IVF stimulation:

  • You must understand the IVF stimulation procedure you are undergoing. You will be put on fertility medications for several days. This is to allow your ovaries to produce more than one egg.  Talk to your doctor about the medications. Understand the part played by each medicine in this stimulation process. Ask about any side effects.
  • Consume a well-balanced diet.
  • Take supplements of vitamins and minerals.
  • Be regular in your physical activity: Do moderate and low-impact exercise during IVF treatment under doctors guidance..
  • Get good sleep.
  • Relax and do not get stressed.

All these will boost your health naturally. These will go a long way in helping the IVF stimulation process to work successfully.

  • Take care of yourself: The IVF journey is difficult and full of stress. Do not neglect your body or mental health during this period. You are most important in this whole process. Some self-care techniques during IVF stimulation and after include: regular meditations, spending time in your hobby activities, talking out about your concerns to your spouse etc.

You may even like to talk to a counsellor who deals with fertility.

Don’ts During IVF Stimulation

While undergoing treatment for IVF stimulation, do not:

  • Forget to take medicines: The stress of the procedure may make you forget to take your medications or injections. Set up a reminder on an app at medicine-taking times.
  • Forget the time: Do not be late for your injection schedules if you are not self-injecting. There are some injections to be taken at a certain number of hours before a procedure, like egg retrieval. Do not miss that.
  • Forget to stock up on medicines: Ensure that you have a stock of medicines and injections. Do not run out of supplies. You may end up missing a medicine dose.
  • Over-exercise: You should exercise moderately during IVF stimulation. The exercises should preferably be low impact.
  • Drink alcohol
  • Eat junk food:
  • Consume recreational drugs.


The IVF journey is not easy. Many steps cause a lot of stress and may seem daunting. All you need to navigate these is to be equipped with the right knowledge. Support from family and friends is also vital. By following the dos during IVF stimulation, you are set on the right path for chances of a successful pregnancy. There are also certain don’ts during IVF stimulation. If you follow these, you are more than well set for a successful IVF stimulation.