Diet After Embryo Transfer

Your diet is of paramount importance after embryo transfer. You will come across many views and opinions on what to eat after IVF. Some views may be incorrect. IVF has no fixed ideal diet plan. Every woman has a different need for calories and nutrients. Your diet should be a balanced one after IVF. It should contain:

  • Proteins
  • Healthy fats
  • Folic Acid
  • Iron

Fruits and vegetables are a necessary part of your diet after embryo implant. Fruits and vegetables contain antioxidants. They are rich in micronutrients. Your daily diet should include them.

Consult your doctor about your diet during IVF. Some fruits and vegetables may be highly recommended. Others may have to be avoided. You have to make an informed choice.

Since childhood, you might have been bombarded with the health benefits of eating fruits. Maybe you were forced to eat them at times. IVF is a procedure where situations may have certain do’s and don’ts. Fruits are definitely beneficial to our body. They should be included in your IVF diet, especially after an embryo implant. However, do not reach for any fruit without checking with your doctor. Some fruits are not recommended after an embryo implant. These fruits are usually good for you. However, these fruits fall in the risk spectrum after the sensitive period of embryo transfer in IVF.

What Fruits to Avoid After Embryo Transfer?

Listed here are some of the fruits to avoid after embryo transfer:

Unripe papaya: While a ripe papaya may be alright to eat, an unripe papaya is a risk. The unripe fruit contains papain, which may trigger a miscarriage.

Pineapple: Some studies have found a uterotonic agent in pineapple extract. It is not good for a successful embryo implant in the early stages of pregnancy.

No two IVF journeys are similar. Some fruits may be harmful to you after embryo transfer. The same fruits may be completely harmless to another woman. The need is for you to make an informed decision. Consult your doctor and take expert advice during this sensitive embryo transfer phase of the IVF procedure.

Think twice before you reach out for a fruit after an embryo implant. At this sensitive stage in your IVF procedure, remember that not all fruits are your friends.