What Is IUI?

When you conceive naturally, the sperm travels through the cervix and into the uterus. During IUI, the doctors collect a semen sample and separate the sperm from the other fluids. They use a syringe to directly push the sperm into the uterus through a tube inserted into the cervix. This increases the chances of you getting pregnant because healthy sperm is directly placed near the egg.

The success rate of this process depends on your age, your partner’s age, infertility diagnosis, medicines prescribed, and other underlying fertility issues. But overall, the procedure has good success rates. It’s preferred by many couples because it’s not as expensive as In-vitro fertilisation or IVF.

But is IUI treatment painful? Based on our observations, let’s try to understand whether this procedure will be painful or not.

Is IUI Procedure Painful?

Usually, IUI is considered to be a quick and pain-free process. Doctors can complete the entire IUI process in just 5 to 10 minutes. You don’t need to be under anaesthesia for this process. Doctors usually don’t prescribe any painkillers for this process as well. So, to answer your question, is IUI painful? The general answer would be, no, it’s not.

Compared to many other fertility treatments, IUI causes much less discomfort. However, you can expect to have some mild discomfort after your IUI procedure is done. You must prepare yourself for this in order to avoid panicking after the procedure.

Do You Feel Pain After IUI Is Over?

Even though IUI is fast and painless, you can experience mild discomfort after the procedure is done. For example, many women experience cramps in their abdomen after this procedure is done. These cramps are not serious. They are manageable with the help of rest and painkillers.

You may feel the cramps because of various reasons like-

  • Catheter: As the doctor inserts a catheter in your cervix, you may feel mild cramps during the procedure. If the catheter irritates your cervix, you may feel some cramping after the IUI is done.
  • Ovulation: You may be experiencing cramps simply because you are ovulating. If you have taken medicines to induce ovulation, you may feel cramps as well.

However, if your cramping is too painful, please contact your doctor immediately. If you experience other symptoms like dizziness, nausea, vomiting, and shortness of breath, you need to call the hospital right away.

How to Make IUI Less Painful?

As we discussed above, IUI does not cause you any pain. The only discomfort you may feel is due to the cramping that might occur after the process is done. If you want to minimise this discomfort, you can follow these tips-

  • Lie down and rest immediately after the procedure. The doctors generally ask you to rest for 10-20 minutes.
  • Take the pain medication prescribed by your doctor.
  • Take rest after the procedure.

Ask your doctor when you can go back to work after the process and follow their instructions.


We hope you now have an answer to the query: Is IUI treatment painful? Rest assured that the process is safe, quick, and not painful. It can cause you some mild discomfort, but it’s not supposed to be extremely painful. It is done even without anaesthesia or painkillers. However, you must make sure to follow the instructions given by your doctor to make the procedure less stressful.