Why Go for IVF?

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is an effective form of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART). It is most often the first choice for couples facing fertility issues. IVF can be adapted to meet your requirements, keeping your health in mind. It increases your chances of embryo implantation, helping you conceive.

The Process of IVF

Mature eggs are retrieved from the female partner and mixed with sperm in a laboratory. The eggs fertilise and become embryos. Once the embryos divide, they are transferred into the uterus. After two weeks, you will know if you are pregnant to see if the treatment has worked. Your doctor gives you a beta-HCG test to confirm the onset of pregnancy.

For the IVF treatment, you can use your and your partner’s own eggs and sperm. You can also use those of a donor. Even embryos can be from a donor. IVF treatment cost in India will vary according to the procedure adopted.

IVF Cost in India

Many Indian couples favour IVF as their preferred Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART). India boasts commendable success rates in IVF treatments. Nonetheless, the procedure comes with substantial costs. The price for a single IVF cycle can range from INR 80,000 to INR 2,50,000 or higher, depending on various factors such as the clinic’s reputation, the expertise of IVF specialists and embryologists, the type of IVF procedure, and additional services included in the treatment package. Despite the expenses, IVF treatment in India remains relatively more affordable compared to many other countries, attracting interest from both local and international individuals seeking assisted conception options.

The IVF cost in India will go up if you require more than one IVF cycle. The cost will also include additional procedures if needed. The charges will increase depending on the hospital or clinic’s reputation.

Components of the Cost of IVF Treatment in India

The IVF treatment cost in India usually includes the following components:

Consultation fees: These will be the fees charged by the doctor as he or she will discuss your medical history and evaluate your fertility issues.

Tests and ultrasound scans: These are used to assess the fertility issues of you and your partner and may help in identifying the causes.

Medications to stimulate the ovary: The cost of this will vary according to the method used by your doctor. Multiple eggs are produced by the ovary on stimulation with medicines. Injections may also be required.

Retrieval of eggs: This is a surgical procedure. Ward charges, operation theatre charges, and fees for the surgeon and anaesthesiologist will be incurred,

Sperm preparation: This may be required in some cases. There are different methods of doing this. The cost will, therefore, vary.

Culture of the embryo: When the sperm fertilises the eggs, the resulting embryos are cultured in the laboratory. The expenses involved here will be towards lab fees and charges to the embryologist.

Transfer of the embryo: Anaesthesia will be given to transfer the embryo to the uterus. A surgeon will be doing the transfer. There will also be expenses for an operation theatre and ward charges.

Preservation of extra embryos: If there are any extra embryos, they can be crypto-preserved for possible use in the future. This crypto preservation will incur charges.

Pregnancy test: Once the embryos are implanted, pregnancy has to be confirmed through a test. This cost is usually included in the IVF treatment charges.

Insurance Cover for Cost of IVF in India

Health insurance service providers do not cover IVF cost in India as a routine. It is considered an elective procedure. Some costs may be reimbursed, like diagnostic tests and procedures associated with your IVF treatment.


The IVF treatment cost in India will depend on your medical history, the type of treatment, and the number of cycles required. The cost will vary with the doctor, the hospital, and the city where you decide to get the ART done.