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Dr. Parul Katiyar
Co-Medical Director, India

Dr. Parul Katiyar is an established Infertility specialist and Reproductive endocrinologist with over 13 years of experience in the field. She earned her post-graduate degree in Obstetrics and Gynecology from Jawaharlal Medical College, Aligarh in 2006 and conducted a ‘Clinical, Sonographic and Cardiotocographic study of Nuchal cord and its correlation with the outcome of labor and fetus’ as a part of her MS thesis. In 2014, she completed her advanced training in Infertility and Reproductive Medicine from Connecticut, USA, and then went on to receive Advanced Training in Andrology from Campias, Brazil in 2017.
Dr. Katiyar has a couple of scientific publications to her name and has been invited as a speaker and panelist at several national and international conferences. She is a life member of many ObGyn and fertility societies like AOGD, the Indian fertility society, and the Indian Society of Assisted Reproduction. She has been an integral part of more than 3,000 assisted conception cycles for patients from all around the globe and treated all kinds of infertility conditions. Dr. Katiyar follows an evidence-based treatment strategy for all her patients and believes in providing personalized treatment to every couple under her care. 

Delhi, India


  • Over 13 years of experience int he field of Infertility specialist and Reproductive endocrinologist.

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