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Understanding IVF success rates and improving your chances of IVF

success rates

IVF or In Vitro Fertilization treatments are a revolution in Reproductive Medicine to help those who are unable to conceive naturally. More than forty years after it was first used, IVF has become the most effective and successful form of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) in the world today. Fertility clinics are present in almost every part of the world due to global infertility rates rising steadily across geographies.

The presence of many IVF centres the world over, has given patients the choice as well as the challenges of choosing the right partner in their journey of parenthood.

A common mistake couples make is comparing costs followed by other factors. It is important for couples to choose a clinic that is specialized (ideally a fertility specialized brand), has a legacy, is experienced in treating both female as well as male factors, has highly experienced specialists and believes in complete transparency in treatments and pricing. You must seek out and settle on an institution that has a more diversified patient profile base as it would then have a wider range of experience.

Experts from ART Fertility Clinics – the leading global IVF and fertility clinic have put together a short synopsis of what you can do to vastly improve the success of your IVF cycle.

Maintain a Healthy Weight and Lifestyle

This is extremely important for both IVF to succeed and overall health too. Obesity (Body Mass Index>35) doubles the time of conception and increases the chances of having a miscarriage. Being underweight (BMI<19) can reduce your chances as well. Both drastically hamper your chances of IVF success. You can always consult an IVF specialist for advice and help on how to attain the right BMI and its significance in your cycle.

Maximise Sperm Health

Both sperm quality as well as motility are key to IVF outcomes and can greatly improve chances of conception. Healthy diet, consuming supplements after consulting your IVF specialist as well as regular exercise can greatly improve sperm numbers and quality. Top IVF clinics like the ART Fertility Clinics have specialists who help male infertility cases too.

Reduce Stress

High stress levels can directly reduce the chances of natural and IVF conception. Reducing stress is easier said than done and this becomes particularly difficult during IVF stimulation cycles. Studies suggest that activities like light exercises and yoga greatly improve pregnancy chances and outcomes.

Stop Smoking

Over and above the many harms of smoking is the fact that it can drastically decrease both egg and sperm quality. Again, it is hard to suddenly stop. You should seek help both professionally and personally as it will help you establish a solid support system that will encourage you to stay on track and kick the habit.


Certain supplements have been associated with increased egg quality and quantity. You must consult your fertility specialist first and see whether you need them and which ones are most suited to you.

Maintain Healthy Levels of Vitamin D

Also known as the ‘sunshine vitamin’, Vitamin D is gaining credit for its incredible health benefits. More than 40% of the world population is Vitamin D deficient and extensive research by the Group Medical Director, ART Fertility Clinics, Prof Dr Human Fatemi has shown that it is associated with infertility and poor IVF outcomes.

Be Patient and Persevere

Every case is different and the course of IVF treatment is tailored accordingly. Some patients need more than one IVF cycle to conceive. In case your first cycle fails, you must not be discouraged by subpar outcomes or setbacks; you just need to try again and remember that you are doing everything possible. Your doctor can adjust your medications to ensure an optimal cycle the next time.

ART Fertility Clinics is renowned IVF institution operating three world class IVF clinics in the Middle East - Abu Dhabi and Dubai in the UAE and Muscat in Oman. ART Fertility offers the highest success rate (around 70%) across the region. With a team of world renowned IVF specialists and years of experience working with couples, ART Fertility is all you need to realise your most cherished dream of having a baby.



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