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Best IVF Center in Chennai

ART Fertility Clinics provides customized and patient-centered Assisted Reproductive Treatment (ART) and is a global leader in reproductive medicine. With the intent of providing a good quality treatment option for couples, it launched its specialty IVF center in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, in August 2021. With the latest technology and highly experienced fertility specialists in Chennai, it has quickly earned its reputation as the city's leading IVF clinic. Through this state-of-the-art facility, couples struggling to conceive can experience the joy of parenthood and realize their dream of having a family. This is one of the best IVF centers in Chennai

Who Is Eligible For IVF?

Prior to seeking advice from a fertility specialist in Chennai, it is essential to determine if you require IVF treatment. Our clinic in Chennai suggests IVF treatment when:

  • Damaged or blocked fallopian tube 
  • Inability to conceive even after trying fertility drugs
  •  Inability to conceive by using IUI or other procedures.
  •  Male fertility issues • Under the age of 35 and unable to conceive after 1 year of trying naturally
  •  Over the age of 35 and unable to conceive within 6 months of trying actively

Why Choose ART Fertility Clinics, Chennai

ART Fertility Clinics exhibit high levels of ethical standards and transparency, with a goal and passion to help patients achieve parenthood. At our IVF center in Chennai, we have trained nurses, medical staff, and professional counsellors to address patients' medical needs. We do not recommend unnecessary tests or procedures.

With an unwavering commitment to patient safety and compassion, ART Fertility Clinics, Chennai is one of the best IVF centers in the city.

ART Fertility Clinics is the best IVF clinic in Chennai and offers a wide range of procedures for identifying and treating male and female Infertility. At our facility, we offer 

  • Renowned embryologist and best fertility specialist in Chennai. 
  • State-of-the-art laboratories for embryology and genetic testing.
  • Personalized treatment protocols, customized to each patient’s requirement, qualified team of IVF specialists to address medical needs and questions.
  • Cutting-edge infrastructure along with modern equipment. • Tests and procedures suggested are all subject to specific medical requirements.

Services Provided at The ART Fertility Clinics, Chennai

  • There is a stigma associated with Infertility, but people are now cognizant of IVF services because of awareness-raising initiatives. Due to the constant advancements and discoveries in reproductive medicine, Infertility is a common clinical problem in urban settings today. Often, finding an ideal test tube baby center in Chennai is challenging for couples. At ART Fertility IVF center in Chennai, patients can avail themselves of the latest techniques and procedures to experience the joy of parenthood. Our services include:
  •  A Complete Set of Treatments. IVF, ICSI, Egg Freezing, IUI, Blastocyst Culture, Egg and Or Sperm Donation, Vitrification, Assisted Hatching, Cryopreservation
  • Operation Theatre for Laparoscopy, Diagnostic Hysteroscopy, and Endoscopy,
  • Dedicated Theatres for Embryo Transfer and OPU (Ovum Pick-up)
  • Outpatient Chambers for Doctors for Exclusive and Private Consultations
  • Providing Andrology Services for Male Factor Infertility. Semen Testing, Micro-TESE, MACS, TESE, Sperm DNA Fragmentation,
  • We Provide Genetics and Pathology labs for Pre-op tests, Biochemistry, Hormone tests, Hematology, and Pre-implantation Genetic Testing
  • Foetal Medicine. Counselling, Prenatal Screening, and Ultrasound Scans
  • Our Professional and Dedicated Counsellors Provide Advice and Guidance on All Financial Matters and Treatment-Related Issues

Success Rates at ART Fertility Clinics

We have some of the best fertility specialists in Chennai. Our approach to fertility treatments is based on an individualized treatment plan and patient care. This approach, combined with the focus on single embryo transfers, results in remarkable success rates. As a result of our team of world-renowned and experienced IVF specialists and embryologists, as well as our modern infrastructure, we achieve a 70% success rate globally while maintaining strict safety standards.


1. Where is ART Fertility Clinics located in Chennai?
ART Fertility Clinics, Chennai is located at No:84, Ground Floor, Bascon Maeru Towers, Kodambakkam High Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai - 600034. Contact nos: 044- 69039600.

2. What is the cost of IVF treatment in Chennai?
Treatment costs depend on the IVF center in Chennai, visited by the patient, and the procedure suggested by the fertility specialist.

3. Which IVF center in Chennai offers the most cutting-edge facilities and technology?
The most cutting-edge facilities and equipment can be found at ART Fertility Clinics, Chennai. Modern instruments including the Helmer Pharmacy Refrigerator, Xiltrix Alarm System, RI Witness System, G210 Invicell Plus Incubator, Cooper Surgical Equipment, and Roche Hormone Analyzer are available in the laboratories. It is one of the best IVF clinics in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

4. Why should you choose ART Fertility Clinics, Chennai??
We have the best fertility specialists in Chennai. The panel of fertility specialists at our Chennai center includes Dr. Dakshayani Ravi Kumar, Clinical Director, Dr. Erika Patel, Clinical lead, Dr. Hema Vaithianathan, Consultant, and embryologists Merlin Vasantha Kumar.

5. Is there an IVF facility in Chennai with a high success rate?
Excellent research and technology result in the finest medical outcomes for our patients and is the foundation of our success. ART Fertility Clinics have the highest success rate, at 70% globally.

6. Why should someone consider freezing their eggs?
It is beneficial for women to freeze their eggs for several reasons, including • Women who wish to delay childbearing to pursue an educational, career, or other personal goals. • Women diagnosed with health-related issues like cancer, diabetes, etc.

7. At what age should eggs be frozen?
From the age of 35, fertility begins to fall, and after the age of forty, it is significantly diminished. The ideal age to freeze your eggs is therefore in your late 20s or early 30s. Eggs are, however, frequently frozen at thirty to thirty-five.

8. Can someone beyond the age of 40 freeze their eggs?
Yes, it is viable, however, the number and quality of eggs will diminish after the age of 40. It is frequently advised to store eggs considerably earlier because pregnancy rates are lower when eggs are frozen beyond the age of 35. Using donated eggs from a younger woman is frequently advocated for individuals who want to put off having children after turning forty.

9. How many IVF cycles can a patient attempt?
They are free to attempt IVF as many times as their wish if they can afford the cost of treatment.

10. What aspect of IVF is the most crucial?
The embryo Transfer procedure is the most important phase in the entire IVF process. An impeccable transfer is necessary for the health of the embryos and their successful implantation in the uterus. Any delay caused by biological, or timing issues could be detrimental to the process.






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