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Why ART Fertility Clinics?

At ART Fertility we have designed all our medical services & protocols, patient care systems and infrastructure on a patient centric approach.  We have achieved the highest levels of success rates (pregnancies and live births) whilst adhering to the most stringent safety standards.

The below factors illustrate the key differentiators that help us achieve the best medical outcomes along with the highest levels of patient satisfaction:


Personalised treatment

Personalized Treatment Plans.

Our physicians focus on understanding the root cause of your infertility issues and design specific treatment plans to suit your needs. This includes understanding your medical history, lifestyle, endocrine profile, doing detailed sperm analysis, and Ultrasound. Our stimulation protocols are completely individualized based upon your hormone levels and the dosages are modified during each treatment. This ensures that we can harvest the maximum number of mature oocytes. Similarly, our embryology lab scientists and technicians select the most appropriate culture media and lab techniques and tools to ensure the healthy development of your embryos.

Science and Innovation Program

Science and Innovation Program. 

Advanced Reproductive Technologies (ART) embodies our core thesis of providing our patients the latest proven medical technologies in the field of Human Reproduction.  We have a very wide science and innovation program wherein our clinicians our undertaking research in a diverse field of topics including basic research, prospective clinical studies, new medical techniques that enhance outcomes, genetics, and the use of Artificial Intelligence in analyzing medical data and defining treatments based upon empirical findings.  We currently have forty-one (41) areas of active investigative research.

ART Research Publications

Peer Reviewed Research Publications. 

At ART Fertility Clinics, we are extremely prolific in publishing our research findings in the highest impact international journals in the field of Human Reproduction. In our brief history of five years, we have published over 77 articles in international journals including Fertility and Sterility, Human Reproduction, Reproductive Biomedicine Online, etc. These scientific papers are peer-reviewed by leading IVF luminaries and are an endorsement of the work being undertaken by our clinicians, embryologists, and geneticists. 

Success rates

Experienced and Well-Trained Clinical Staff Delivering the Highest Success Rates Globally.

At ART Fertility Clinics, we strongly believe in evidence-based medicine and our physicians and embryologists follow this doctrine diligently. All our clinicians and embryologists are alumni of distinguished Medical and Human Reproduction programs including ESHRE certifications. Our training regimen is extremely rigorous and ensures that all our practitioners adhere to the highest quality standards. 
At ART Fertility Clinics, we have achieved amongst the highest success rates (pregnancy rates of 71%, live birth rates of 51%, avg ET Rate of 1.36) and have become international referral clinics attracting patients from all over the world. Our clinicians understand the underlying reasons for recurrent miscarriages and can successfully treat patients with multiple failed IVF cycles. 

third party Audits to ensure Quality Standards

Independent, Third Party Audits To Ensure Quality Standards and Success Rate Claims.

At ART Fertility clinics, we assign an independent third party to undertake a comprehensive audit of our Clinical work including the embryology lab to ensure adherence to high standards and continuous improvements. Our Success rates are validated by these auditors to ensure there is no bias or misrepresentations in our published success rates. 

State of the ART Infrastructure

State of the ART Infrastructure

At ART Fertility Clinics, we have designed the most efficient facility layouts to ensure patient safety and the best medical outcomes. We have invested in the latest and most technologically advanced infrastructure including incubators, Microscopes,  Next Generation Sequencer,  the OR equipment and Tools, the Air Handling Unit that ensures a healthy environment for growing embryos, 4 Dimensional Ultrasound M/Cs, the RI Witness system to ensure no mixing of embryos/sperms amongst patients and an electronic alarm system that is fitted with sensors to continuously monitor temperature, humidity, gases associated with key equipment.

Ethics and Transparency

Ethics and Transparency in Treatment and Pricing

At ART Fertility Clinics the cornerstone of our clinical practice is ethics and transparency. We have published package rates for various medical conditions and adhere to them strictly. For all recommended treatments and tests there is a documented medical requirement. Patient records and billing records are provided on all instances. No superfluous testing or procedures are recommended or undertaken at any of our clinics.

caring Nursing Staff and Counsellors

Compassionate and Caring Nursing Staff and Counsellors

Our Nursing staff and Counsellors are trained to understand the needs and requirements of our patients and ensure that treatment plans and options are explained clearly to them. They are available around the clock to provide medical services including medications, answer questions and provide support.

embryology lab manipulator and microscope

The Most Comprehensive Range of Services Including Diagnosing Female & Male Infertility and Genetic Testing.

At ART Fertility Clinics we provide the most comprehensive range of services to cover all the requirements at a Fertility clinic including in-house blood lab, consultations and Ultrasound imaging, embryology lab, OR and recovery, Genetic testing, and counseling. Our physicians are trained and qualified to diagnose and treat male infertility including undertaking FNA, TESE, and Micro TESE.

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