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Retrograde Ejaculation

Ejaculation refers to the process of discharging semen forward through a man's urethra and out the tips of his penis. When semen enters the bladder instead of releasing through the penis during orgasm, the process is called retrograde ejaculation. This results in the mixing of the semen with urine present in the bladder. And the semen passes out as waste.

retrograde ejaculation

What causes retrograde ejaculation?

Certain medical conditions or an anatomical defect may cause Retrograde Ejaculation, including: Diabetes Prior to prostate/urethral surgery Intake of certain medications or drugs

What are the signs of this ejaculation type?

These symptoms may involve:

  • Loss of fertility
  • Cloudy urine post orgasm
  • Slight or no ejaculate during orgasm

Does it have any impact on fertility?

For males with this problem, it is certainly unfeasible to conceive a child naturally. During intercourse, in the absence of sperm ejaculation inside the vagina, the probabilities of fertilization are zero. Hence, this results in infertility in them. As a result, couples may gain benefits from assistive reproductive methods for attaining conception.

How can this problem be diagnosed?

Retrograde ejaculation can be diagnosed employing a 3-Step strategy. This helps in assessing the subsistence of this condition in a patient.

  • Step 1: Discussion of queries concerning the patient's medical history, medications, surgeries, etc.
  • Step 2: Physical evaluation of his reproductive parts, scrotum, testicles, penis, and rectum.
  • Step 3: Urine examination that gets discharged after an orgasm.

What is the treatment procedure?

Its treatment can vary from individual to individual, as the cause varies. The various types of treatment, according to causes, may include:

  • Cause- Medications:  Treatment involves discontinuation of medications such as mood-altering drugs, Antihypertensives, etc.
  • Cause- Surgery:  Such procedures may amend a male's anatomy. Thus, to treat retrograde ejaculation caused because of surgery, a man must undergo other forms of surgery. These may include bladder-neck surgery.
  • Cause- Diabetes/ Nerve Damage/Multiple Sclerosis:  In most cases, medications can successfully treat retrograde ejaculation if the previously declared reasons are a real cause.

Infertility management - Sperm from the post-orgasmic urine should be separated then used for either IUI or IVF depends on count and quality.

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