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Sperm Aneuploidy Screening

Sperm Aneuploidy Screening

Sperm Aneuploidy Testing is a diagnostic tool used to determine the treatment options for male infertility. This test helps to identify the proportion of sperm cells with a defective chromosome count in the semen.

What is Aneuploidy?

Aneuploidy refers to the condition where there is a an altered number of chromosomes within a cell. Sperm aneuploidy has a negative impact on assisted reproductive technology outcome. Increased sperm aneuploidy rate results in a higher rate of pregnancy failure.

What causes sperm aneuploidy?

Sperm aneuploidy is primarily genetically controlled. Besides that, sperm aneuploidy is associated with

  • advanced age
  • pollution and cigarette smoking
  • alcohol consumption
  • cancer chemotherapy

When is Sperm Aneuploidy Screening recommended?

Sperm Aneuploidy Screening is recommended for men with abnormal semen parameters, asthenozoospermia (reduced sperm motility) and oligozoospermia (low spermatozoon count), and couples who have experienced:

  • recurrent pregnancy loss
  • previous aneuploid conceptions
  • recurrent IVF treatment failure

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