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Controlled Ovarian Hyperstimulation (COH)

Controlled Ovarian Hyperstimulation (COH) is the  the development of multiple ovarian follicles, than the normal count in a female’s menstrual cycle. This juncture is reached with the help of certain fertility medications. Once several follicles start developing, the number of functional eggs also increases, which in turn lead to greater chances of conception

ovarian stimulation

When and why is COH needed?

There are three core situations when the ovarian stimulation is required.

If the patient is planning to undergo IUI or an IVF cycle
To stimulate a normal menstrual cycle in women with ovulatory problems
If the woman wants to store her retrieved eggs for further use

How does COH work?

The primary objective of COH is to normalise and enhance the functions of the ovaries. The fertility drugs which are prescribed to a patient help in controlling the endocrine functions. Therefore, with the assistance of these drugs, the doctor can predict the timing of hormonal changes, which is otherwise impossible to do.

This overall supervision will assist the doctor to judge the quality of the eggs that will be produced. On the basis of these conclusions, the doctor will be able to suggest to the patient, the most suitable technique of artificial insemination like IUI, IVF.

Does COH increase the chances of conception?

COH is considered to be an added help for one who is trying to conceive via IUI, IVF, etc. It has been observed that if COH is followed by an IUI procedure, the chances of conception increase.

Even though the chances of pregnancy decrease with age, women with advanced maternal age have successfully conceived with the help of COH coupled with IUI or an IVF cycle.

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