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Oocyte Donation

Oocyte Donation

Oocyte donation or egg donation refers to the process in which a fertile woman gives her oocyte (egg) to another woman to help her conceive. This is a part of assisted reproductive technology.

When should women consider using oocyte donors?

Oocyte donation is considered for a woman who wishes to have a child but unable to get pregnant with her eggs for various reasons such as:

      Women with low ovarian reserve
      Women who are in early menopause
      Poor egg quality
      Loss of ovaries due to previous surgical treatment
      Loss of eggs due to chemotherapy or radiotherapy
      Presence of genetic disease where it is not advised to use own eggs.

What are the screening tests performed on the donor?

Various screening tests are performed on the egg donor to minimize the risk of passing on infectious disease or genetic abnormality or disease to the baby. . The donor can be tested for a number of infections including HIV, Hepatitis B and C, gonorrhoea, Chlamydia, and syphilis. Donors can also be tested for genetic abnormalities. .. Apart from these tests, psychometric testing is also done for mental health screening.

What is the process of oocyte donation?

During the the oocyte donation process egg donors are expected to visit the clinic for screening, testing, and medical appointments for the complete procedure.

Once the treatment starts, the egg donor is treated with hormones to grow multiple eggs during a menstrual cycle. The eggs are removed from the donor through a simple surgical procedure, using a needle through the vagina to aspirate the eggs from the ovaries.


For women who are childless because they have no healthy eggs left, using eggs donated by a healthy young egg donor can be the solution. The egg donor is treated with hormones to grow multiple eggs which are taken out. Embryos are then created using these eggs and transferred to recipient with a chance of having a baby. Experienced doctors at ART Fertility clinics can advise you if that can be a suitable solution for you and help you towards your dream of having a baby.


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