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Product of Conception (POC)

Product of Conception (POC) refers to placental and/or fetal tissue that remains in the uterus after a miscarriage, planned pregnancy termination, or preterm/term delivery. It is one of the common causes of postpartum bleeding. It may also cause endometritis (Inflammation in the uterus), attachment within the uterus, and lowers future fertility.

Who should use the POC test?

POC test is suggested for couples suffering a miscarriage. 
It is necessary to obtain some tissue from the miscarriage to perform the genetic testing. 

What are the benefits of POC test?

•    POC clarifies the risk for upcoming miscarriages or other chromosomal anomalies in a child during birth. 
•    An abnormal POC may help in preventing the requirement for a broad infertility examination. 
•    POC is beneficial for couples going through assisted reproduction treatments.

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