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Accepted ESHRE abstracts 2022


Accepted: July 5, 2021


  • ICM and TE quality significantly impact the live birth rate in euploid frozen blastocyst transfer cycles.
  • Ongoing pregnancy rate (OPR) of day (D) 7 euploid blastocysts is inferior to D5/D6 euploid blastocysts in frozen embryo transfer (FET) cycles.
  • Does C-Section history affect the live birth outcomes after IVF in case of frozen embryo transfers.
  • Reduction of gonadotropin-dosage towards the end of ovarian stimulation for IVF/ICSI improves ART-outcome in a subgroup of patients.
  • Primary sex ratio is decreased in euploid embryos of consanguine couples after IVF/ICSI with PGT-A
  • Natural Endometrial Preparation for single euploid frozen embryo transfer increases the likelihood of live birth in obese patients.
  • Identifying patients benefiting from delayed-matured oocytes insemination.
  • Do ovarian reserve markers and female age predict euploidy rate in IVF/ICSI cycles?
  • Impact of Systemic FSH levels on the embryo ploidy status in ovarian stimulation for IVF/ICSI.
  • Effect of endometrial thickness on biochemical pregnancy rate: an analysis of 1534 frozen euploid embryo transfers