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Best IVF Clinic and Fertility Center in Delhi

ART Fertility Clinics, a global leader in IVF and fertility management, has established itself through its 3T or 3 Trust factors – Treatment, Technology, and Transparency. Consistently achieving a global pregnancy rate of 70%, the clinic remains at the forefront of reproductive medicine and assisted reproductive technologies. It invests in research, embraces cutting-edge technology, and fosters innovation to enhance patient treatment outcomes.

ART Fertility Clinics maximize the success chances for patients by continuously investing in state-of-the-art laboratories for Embryology and Genetic Testing. The clinical expertise of its IVF specialists and nursing staff, coupled with their extensive knowledge and experience, ensures personalized care and unwavering support throughout the treatment journey.

The clinic’s core values revolve around transparency and adherence to the highest ethical medical practices. Patients receive comprehensive information about treatment options, associated risks, and success rates, enabling them to make informed decisions. The clinic avoids unnecessary tests and hidden costs, fostering a deep bond of trust with patients. This commitment to transparency and trust sets ART Fertility Clinics apart from other clinics that claim to offer similar treatments.

ART Fertility Clinics, New Delhi, was established in March 2021 as a branch of ART Fertility Clinics, one of the world’s leading fertility clinics. With clinics in Abu Dhabi, Muscat, and Dubai, it has established itself as a thought leader in the GCC.

Currently, 22 staff members work there. It is one of the best IVF centers in New Delhi due to its modern technology and renowned fertility specialists.

Who Is Eligible For IVF?

It is necessary to determine if you are a good candidate for IVF before consulting a fertility specialist in New Delhi. Our New Delhi clinic recommends IVF when you have:

  • Damaged or obstructed fallopian tubes.
  • Male fertility problems
  • Failure to get pregnant despite using fertility drugs
  • A failed IUI operation
  • For women under 35, the inability to get pregnant naturally after actively trying for a year
  • Women over 35 who are unable to conceive naturally six months later; and other considerations

Why Choose ART Fertility Clinics in New Delhi?

  • There are several compelling reasons to choose ART Fertility Clinics when considering your reproductive needs:
  • ART Fertility Clinics’ 3T or 3 Trust Factors (Treatment, Technology, and Transparency) has enabled the clinic to achieve the highest pregnancy success rate globally, reaching 70%.
  • The clinic customizes treatment plans based on the unique requirements of both men and women, providing diagnosis and treatment for infertility.
  • ART Fertility Clinics boasts a world-renowned team of highly experienced doctors and embryologists, supported by extensively trained nursing staff.
  • The clinic has an in-depth understanding of the critical role of Embryology and Genetic Testing in IVF success, setting them apart from many other clinics in India that lack this understanding.
  • To fulfill this critical role, ART Fertility Clinics maintains state-of-the-art in-house labs for Embryology and Genetic Testing.
  • By employing advanced technologies and monitoring systems, the clinic minimizes the chances of sample contamination that can occur due to human error.

The clinic prioritizes assisting patients in achieving parenthood with a firm commitment to ethical standards and transparent practices.

Services Provided At The ART Fertility Clinics, New Delhi

While Infertility affects men and women alike, the stigma associated with it persists. Growing awareness of Infertility services and treatments has resulted in a greater understanding of them. Scientific discoveries are constantly evolving the way we treat reproductive issues. Infertility is an increasingly common clinical problem in urban environments.

Test tube baby centers in New Delhi are becoming more popular as fertility problems rise, yet finding a reliable IVF clinic can be challenging. Our IVF center in New Delhi offers the most advanced procedures and techniques to help our patients become parents and feel the joy of parenthood. Among the services we offer are

  • A wide range of treatments are available like IVF, ICSI, IUI, freezing of eggs, assisted hatching, vitrification, blastocyst culture, and cryopreservation are all reproductive technologies.
  • Availability of Embryo Transfer and Ovum Pick-up Theatres
  • Laparoscopy, Diagnostic Hysteroscopy, and Endoscopy, Operation Theatres available
  • Outpatient chamber for doctors’ exclusive and private consultations
  • Pathology and Genetics Labs For Biochemistry, Hormone Tests, Pre-Op Tests, Hematology, Pre-implantation Genetic Screening,
  • Infertility services for male Infertility. Micro-TESE, TESE, MACS, Semen testing, Sperm DNA fragmentation.
  • Counseling Services. Trained and dedicated professionals help with all treatment-related and financial issues
  • Foetal Medicine: Ultrasound Scans, Prenatal screening, and Counseling

Success Rates At ART Fertility Clinics

It is imperative to follow a personalized treatment plan and provide individual patient care in order to help patients achieve successful fertility treatments. This approach, combined with a focus on single embryo transfer, yields remarkable results.

A team of renowned IVF specialists and embryologists, combined with modern infrastructure, allows us to achieve 70% success rates globally while maintaining stringent safety measures. Our clinic has some of the best fertility specialists in New Delhi.


  1. Where is ART Fertility Clinics, New Delhi located? Art Fertility Clinic, New Delhi is located at E-14, GF/FF, Defence Colony, New Delhi. 110024. Phone nos:011-42258700.
  2. How much does IVF treatment cost in New Delhi? The cost of treatment is determined by the IVF center in New Delhi that the patient visits and the treatment suggested by the doctor.
  3. Which IVF center in New Delhi has the most advanced infrastructure and technology? ART Fertility Clinics, New Delhi has the most cutting-edge infrastructure and equipment. Modern instruments including the RI Witness System, Xiltrix Alarm System, Helmer Pharmacy Refrigerator, Cooper Surgical Equipment, G210 Invicell Plus Incubator, and Roche Hormone Analyzer are available for use in the laboratories. It is one of the best IVF centers in New Delhi.
  4. How can ART Fertility Clinics, New Delhi help you? Our clinic has the best fertility specialists in New Delhi. The team of IVF specialists in the New Delhi center includes Dr. Parul Katiyar, Co-Medical Director, India, Dr. Shreshtha Sagar Tanwar, Consultant, Dr. Surleen, Lab Manager, Afrin, embryologist, and Dr. Bhupen Chauhan, embryologist.
  5. Is there any IVF clinic in New Delhi with an excellent success rate? The success of ART Fertility Clinics is based on excellence in both science and technology that results in superior medical outcomes for our patients. Globally, ART Fertility Clinics have a success rate of 70%.
  6. Is Infertility just a woman's problem? Not necessarily. The male partner also plays an important role in determining a couple's fertility potential.
  7. What is PGT (Pre-implantation Genetic Testing)? A PGT is a method for detecting genetic defects in embryos whose parents have a family history of genetic disorders. It is useful for discovering chromosomal disorders, sex-linked diseases, and single-gene defects.
  8. Will an IVF child have congenital disabilities? Congenital impairments are present at similar rates in IVF babies and those conceived naturally. The likelihood that a baby would be born with a particular genetic disease is significantly decreased when IVF is combined with complementing technologies like PGT.
  9. Does IVF-ICSI involve any surgery? While both IVF and ICSI do not involve surgery, some procedures may require general anesthesia during your cycle.
  10. What happens if my husband or I fall ill throughout an IVF cycle? Let your fertility specialist know if you or your spouse is seriously ill and unable to complete an IVF cycle so that your medication and cycle can be adjusted or postponed appropriately.
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