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Meet Our Doctors & Experts at Mumbai

Leading IVF Center in Mumbai

Established in July 2021, ART Fertility Clinics, Mumbai, Maharashtra is part of ART Fertility Clinics, which is the global leader in Reproductive Medicine. Having established itself as the thought leader in the GCC with clinics in Abu Dhabi, Muscat, and Dubai, it has expanded its presence in India. Currently, 28 staff members work at this center. With modern technology and renowned fertility specialists, the clinic is known as one of the best IVF centers in Mumbai.

Who Is Eligible For IVF?

It is imperative to determine if IVF is the right treatment for you before consulting a fertility specialist in Mumbai. Our clinic in Mumbai advises IVF when:

  • The fallopian tubes are blocked or damaged
  • Male fertility concerns
  • Incapable of conceiving after trying fertility medicines
  • Failed IUI procedure
  • Those under 35 years of age and unable to conceive naturally after one year of trying actively
  • Those over 35 years of age who have been trying for six months but cannot get pregnant

Why Choose ART Fertility Clinics, Mumbai

Our IVF center in Mumbai demonstrates the highest transparency and ethical standards. We have renowned IVF specialists, nurses, and professional counsellors on board to assist with patients' queries and medical requirements. Tests or procedures that are not necessary are not recommended. We focus on providing compassionate care and following stringent patient safety protocols; these practices enable us to achieve excellent results and become one of the world's renowned fertility clinics. It is the best IVF center in Mumbai and provides patients with a wide range of services.

  • Renowned embryologists and fertility specialists in Mumbai.
  • Personalized treatment protocols, based on the individual needs of each patient. An experienced team of IVF specialists to assist with the medical queries and needs of patients.
  • Cutting-edge laboratories for genetic testing and embryology.
  • Best-in-class infrastructure and equipment.
  • Tests and procedures are all subject to specific medical requirements.

Services Provided At The ART Fertility Clinics, Mumbai

Women and men both suffer from Infertility, yet it is stigmatised to talk about it. Growing awareness of Infertility services and treatments has resulted in a greater understanding of their availability. Reproductive issues and their treatment are constantly evolving as new discoveries are made in the scientific community. Infertility is a common clinical problem in urban environments at present. Test tube baby centers in Mumbai are becoming more and more popular as fertility problems are on the rise, yet finding a reliable IVF clinic can be a challenge. Our IVF center in Mumbai offers the best procedures and techniques to help patients become parents and feel the joy of parenthood. Services we provide include:

  • A comprehensive set of treatment options. IUI, IVF, ICSI, Egg and Or Sperm Donation, Egg Freezing, Assisted Hatching, Vitrification, Blastocyst Culture, Cryopreservation
  • Dedicated Theatres and Sections for Embryo Transfer and Ovum Pick-up (OPU)
  • Dedicated Operation Theatre (OT) for Laparoscopy, Endoscopy, Diagnostic Hysteroscopy
  • Doctor’s Outpatient Chamber for Private and Exclusive Consultations
  • Genetics And Pathology Labs For All Hormone Tests, Pre-op Tests, Biochemistry, Pre-implantation Genetic Screening, Hematology
  • Andrology Services for Male Factor Infertility. TESE, Micro-TESE, Semen Testing, MACS, Sperm DNA Fragmentation
  • Counselling Services. Dedicated And Professionally Trained Counselors To Provide Assistance On All Treatment Related And Financial Matters
  • Foetal Medicine. Counseling, Prenatal Screening, and Ultrasound Scans

Success Rates At ART Fertility Clinics

Successful fertility treatments require a personalized treatment plan and individual patient care. This approach, along with the focus on single embryo transfer, results in remarkable success rates. We have some of the best fertility specialists in Mumbai. Our team of experienced and world-renowned IVF specialists and embryologists, along with modern infrastructure, allows us to accomplish 70% success rates globally while maintaining strict safety standards.


1. What is the address of ART Fertility Clinics, Mumbai?
Art Fertility Clinic, Mumbai is located at (A unit of Global Fertility Solution Pvt Ltd), Unit No 4, Tower 4, Ground Floor, Equinox Business Park, LBS Marg, Kurla (West), Mumbai- 400070. Phone No: 022-69091400

2. Can you tell me how much IVF treatment costs in Mumbai?
The cost of treatment is based on the IVF center in Mumbai visited by the patients, along with the procedure decided upon by the fertility specialists.

3. Which IVF center in Mumbai has the most advanced infrastructure and technology?
At ART Fertility Clinics, Mumbai, you will find the most advanced technology and infrastructure.
The laboratories are provided with state-of-the-art equipment such as the Xiltrix Alarm System, RI Witness System, Helmer Pharmacy Refrigerator, G210 Invicell Plus Incubator, Cooper Surgical Equipment, and Roche Hormone Analyzer. It is among the best IVF clinics in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

4. How can ART Fertility Clinics, Mumbai help you?
We have the best fertility specialists in Mumbai. The panel of IVF specialists in our Mumbai center includes Dr. Richa Jagtap, Co-Medical Director, India, Dr. Shilpa Saple, Clinical lead, Mumbai, and embryologists Jayesh Shinde and Feny Gadhia.

5. Is there any IVF clinic in Mumbai with an excellent success rate?
Our success is rooted in excellent science and technology, which translates into the best medical outcomes for our patients. ART Fertility Clinics have shown the highest success rate of 70% globally.

6. What is the average length of the IVF process?
Preparation for IVF usually takes 2-4 weeks, and the stimulation phase involves fertility shots for 8-10 days followed by egg retrieval 2 days later.

7. Is the IVF procedure painful?
IVF is usually not uncomfortable for most patients. Some women may experience bloating during the ovarian stimulation phase and cramping or light bleeding after egg retrieval.

8. What percentage of IVF treatments are successful?
Patient age has a significant impact on the success rate of IVF treatment. The fertility specialist will be able to inform the likelihood of the treatment being successful after evaluating the patient’s test results. It is important to identify the cause of Infertility and treat it. The specialist will also assess the ovarian reserve, uterine lining, and sperm quality.

9. What if the IVF treatment is unsuccessful?
An IVF cycle that is 100% successful does not exist. Most of the time, couples and specialised teams need to make numerous attempts.
There is always a possibility that the pregnancy won't develop after the first cycle, and therefore the procedure can be repeated. Embryos that have been frozen after the first cycle may be used.

10. Does the procedure change if donor sperm or eggs are used?
No, a patient can choose to use an egg or sperm donor if it's necessary for a favourable outcome.

ART Fertility Clinic, Mumbai

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Lal Bahadur Shastri Marg, Kurla West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400070


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