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Leaders in Fertility Treatments & Research

Clinical Excellence Delivering 
Highest Pregnancy Success Rates

Experienced, World-Renowned Doctors & Embryologists
 Comprehensive range of services including  personalized treatments, diagnosing and treating male and female infertility, genetic testing 
Over 71% Pregnancy Rate (without egg or sperm donation)

The Most Advanced Technology and Infrastructure

State-of-the-art equipment including 
AI-enabled incubators, microscopes, 4 D Ultrasound machines.
Facilities include clean rooms, embryology, genetics lab & Air handling units that enable a healthy environment for embryo development.

Science and Innovation


Proprietary research and techniques that have been proven to enhance outcomes
Peer reviewed publications in leading 
International journals  

Science Asssiting Nature

Science Assisting Nature

At ART Fertility we have designed all our medical services & protocols, patient care systems, and infrastructure on a patient-centric approach.  We have achieved the highest levels of success rates (pregnancies and live births) whilst adhering to the most stringent safety standards.


Patient Centric Approach

Transparency & Highest Ethical Standards

Fixed, published prices
No superfluous tests or procedures
Full access to medical & billing records

Compassionate Care, Patient Satisfaction & Safety  

Highly trained medical staff 
Nurses and professional counsellors to address medical needs and questions. 
Single embryo transfer 
Advanced computer systems that prevent mixing of sperm, eggs or embryos 
Full time Anaesthetist

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Treatments & Services

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Couple Infertility Treatments

The exact root cause of infertility in a couple is identified and a specific personalised fertility treatment plan is designed based on your medical history, lifestyle, endocrine profile, doing detailed sperm analysis, and Ultrasound.

Female Infertility Treatments

The exact cause of infertility in a female is diagnosed the chances of a successful pregnancy increases. Our stimulation protocols are completely individualized based upon your hormone levels and the dosages are modified during each treatment

Male Infertility Treatments

Once the exact cause of infertility in a male is diagnosed the chances of a successful pregnancy increases dramatically. Fertility treatments range from the administration of drugs to surgery for rectifying the problem.